Energy Storage System
Your own clean, sustainable and affordable energy supply with backup feature
Energy Storage System
Your own clean, sustainable and affordable energy supply with backup feature
Your own solar station in one box
In combination with solar panels VOLTS will enable you to supply yourself with clean energy
Store solar power during the day
And use it at night
All components are already inside!
Just switch up solar panels to VOLTS and start using clean energy
VOLTS Features
Provides reliable power supply
Supplies the house with electricity when it is cut off from the grid
Protects the house
and all electrical appliances from voltage surges and frequency jump
Is in control via a Mobile App
Monitoring, statistics and notification about the outages
Increases the dedicated capacity
Connect more electrical appliances
Makes the house autonomous
Can be supplemented with solar panels and charged from them
VOLTS BATTERY is the best pint size solution for uninterruptible power supply for the houses

All the essential components are already inside the storage. Split-second activation. Plug VOLTS into the house and forget about electric power supply troubles
4 – 45 kW

to 24 hours

Self-contained operation
197 mm

10 years

Warranty assurance
The solution that really suits you
Seven bright colors
Impeccably stylish. Add Volts to your interior.
Only 197 mm thick. So thin.
Saves the space of your home and does not require a separate room. There is easily a place for it in any layout.
Meek and mild
No odd sounds and rattling during VOLTS activity. Live in comfort-always.
Perfectly balanced characteristics. Flexible adaptation according to your needs.
High power. Huge opportunities: from 4 to 45 kW power and from 2 to 48 kW*h capacity. You can add capacity modules at any time-even after installation.
Only 0, 01 second – immediate activation of the system in the event an electrical failure.
Forget about constant resets of house electrical appliances.
1-day installation and VOLTS is ready-to-work
No matter what electrics you have. Specific preparation is not required.
Absolutely safe and reliable solution.
Highest European standards and certification. Multi-echelon protection system, remote monitoring.
You will not waste your time on the maintenance anymore
Nothing is needed from you. Do not doubt. Overall automation and operating through the Mobile App.
Backup from grid outages
is a built-in feature of VOLTS

The energy storage monitors power cut or surges in the grid and in case of outages in automatically becomes the main power source of the house
Our cases
Which VOLTS is right for you?
Cost by request
Basic version 2 kWh
Reservation time: 3-4 hours
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Cost by request
Version 6 kWh
Reservation time: 9-10 hours
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Cost by request
Version 12 kWh
Reservation time: 18-19 hours
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Manage in one click
Smart management via mobile app, online monitoring, remote management, energy consumption statistics

Try the demo mode of the VOLTS App
In the VOLTS app, you can try out the VOLTS' features,
even if you don't have one yet
The design will perfectly complement the interior and exterior of Your home, and customization options will be useful for those who like something more interesting

Build a better future with VOLTS
Take care of the future of the environment and the health of your children using the energy of the sun

60 m³
Monthly reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
Trees are equivalent
to planted per year
People receive
the released oxygen
Your own Solar Station right here
Basic kit
$6 700
House area: 100-150 m2
VOLTS 4 kWh + 4 solar panels of 300 W each
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Standart kit
$10 300
House area: 150-200 m2
VOLTS 8 kWh + 8 solar panels of 300 W each
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Premium kit
$13 300
House area: 200-250 m2
VOLTS 12 kWh + 12 solar panels of 300 W each
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Volts is taking solar energy to the next level, by allowing customers to store it for when the sun doesn't shine
As we move to an eco-friendlier future, solar energy is a key climate solution and Volts is making it more accessible
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